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1001 Spanish words

1001 Most Useful Spanish Words (Beginners' Guides) (Paperback)

Publisher:  Dover Publications
Customer rating: 5 star customer rating in learning Spanish
Effectiveness in learning Spanish: 5 star effectiveness in learning Spanish
Media type: Paperback
Price: $2.00
Manufactures description and product details:
Indispensable learning aid includes definitions of common Spanish words arranged by such categories as foods, numbers, days of the week, months, colors, seasons and family. The heart of the book is a dictionary, from a to zapato, in which each word is used in a Spanish sentence (with English translation) demonstrating its proper use.
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Customer Reviews

Great Little Book!
With only 55 pages, it packs a ton of vocabulary! It's so thin I can put it almost anywhere, even inside another book! Wonderful for building vocabulary on the go. It has the Spanish word, it's definition, then it has A SENTENCE IN SPANISH to show context, AND the English translation!!! If that wasn't enough, the last few pages it has groupings of words under various subjects. AND some vocabulary tips!!! I can't say enough about this little book. And did everybody see the price??! Unheard of!! Every new student of Spanish should own one. P.S. I think the person who gave this book a poor rating was being extremely unkind. This book never says it's anything other than it is. A book to build vocabulary. It's not a dictionary. Dictionaries cost a lot more, and are heavy. (This book weighs 2 oz.!)

$1.95?? Are you KIDDING me?
Okay, I thought that $1.95 was a misprint, and I bought it just to get a bargain. But omigod, talk about a bargain! At ten times the price, this book would be a bargain. It's not going to teach you to speak Spanish. It's not going to help you conjugate Spanish verbs. It's not going to make you fluent or able to read the newspaper in Zihuatenejo. But know what? It's going to make your next foray into a Spanish-speaking country a whole lot easier. Overall, it's a dictionary, but there are subsections like food, colors, travel, clothing, and within those sections things are arranged alphabetically. Each word is used in a whole sentence (many of which are very handy sentences to have at your disposable) with translation, of course. Anyway, stop reading this review and buy this book. Hell, at this price, buy 10 and give them to everyone in your family the next time you go south of the border. Highest recommendation, and an utter steal at this price.

Very, very effective. Price is right too.
This is without a doubt the best "learning Spanish" book I have purchased. I have bought a lot of books too. The example sentence with each definition is very effective. It automatically helps with more than just the word presented. The price makes this book a must-have. You feel really good about your highly effective, two dollar Spanish book. Also worth a look is "Easy Spanish Phrase Book." This book is about the same size and price. It is almost as good. These books are perfect when you are a dollar or so short of making it to free shipping.

Great for Beginners -- Who Always Struggle with Building Vocabulary.
This book is compact, with well chosen vocabulary. He has recognized the need to learn a word and fix it in memory by using it in a sentence and has provided the English translations to reinforce it. You couldn't ask for more in a book designed to build vocabulary. As a professor of Spanish with 30 years of experience, I have accumulated a lot of hints for building vocabulary. One is to get a book like this! Another is to look up the vocabulary you find yourself using -- this could be professional or social. This list will be somewhat different for everyone. For instance, if you install doors for a living and have to speak to Spanish speakers on the job, you will need to know the words for "hinge," "door knob" and "screws." But the average person only will need to know the words for "door," and "key," as well as associated vocabulary such as "open," "close," etc. Another hint I have is to label the objects you commonly use, or pictures of them. Don't forget to learn the article associated with the nouns so you will remember if they are masculine or feminine. Eventually, putting your vocabulary to use in meaningful and communicative ways will require you to master grammar. Beginners, as they move into intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish, will have to learn the ins and outs of many areas of grammar. Without a doubt, if you build a vocabulary, you'll have the building blocks; grammar is the cement that allows you to put it all together correctly. Enjoy the process and keep working at it!

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