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Spanish Verb Conocer
Can you get 10 out of 10?
I only know your father
1.) Sólo a tu padre.
Where do you know that man from?
2.) ¿De qué a ese hombre?
I think you all don't know this book.
3.) Creo que este libro.
My parents don't know Madrid yet.
4.) Mis padres Madrid todavía.
Lucy loves meeting people.
5.) A Lucy le encanta gente
We already know his reactions.
6.) Ya sus reacciones.
My friend's father knows many celebrities.
7.) El padre de mi amigo a muchos famosos.
Do you know the way well?
8.) ¿ bien el camino?
I don't know that band (music) you listen to.
9.) ese grupo de música que escuchas.
Mary always blushes when she meets someone.
10.) Mary siempre se pone roja cuando a alguien.

Conocer = to know

We use “conocer” when we want to say that we know a person.
Conozco muy bien a tu primo. (I know your cousin very well).

It can be used sometimes to ask if someone knows or has heard of a TV programme, a book, etc.
¿Conoces la película “Pretty Woman”? (do you know/have you heard the film “Pretty Woman”?).

To form the negative of all Spanish verbs, you simply place the word "no" in front of the verb.
Tengo = I have, No tengo = I do not have.

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