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Spanish Verb Dar
Can you get 10 out of 10?
Peter gives a lot of advice.
1.) Peter muchos consejos.
I give you my word. (Tip. You, I give my word)
2.) Te mi palabra.
Can you give me a glass of water, please?
3.) ¿Me un vaso de agua, por favor?
Her daughter does not give any problems.
4.) Su hija no le problemas.
This teacher teaches me Maths.
5.) Este profesor me matemáticas.
At the end of the course they give us a diploma.
6.) Al final del curso nos un diploma.
If you want to,I give you my pen.
7.) Si quieres te mi bolígrafo.
I want to teach in a school.
8.) Quiero clases en un colegio.
We don't give cooking lessons here.
9.) Aquí clases de cocina.
Can you give me the car keys so I can give them to him?
10.) ¿Me las llaves del coche y así yo se las puedo a él.

Dar = to give

We use “dar” when we want to express that we give or pass something to someone.
Mary le da los recados al jefe. (Mary gives the boss the messages).

When we speak about some illnesses.
Cuando me resfrío me da fiebre. (When I catch a cold I get a high temperature).

When talking about lessons of any sort.
Doy clases de física en un instituto. (I teach Physics in a secondary school).
Esa es la profesora que me da español. (That is the teacher who teaches me Spanish).

To form the negative of all Spanish verbs, you simply place the word "no" in front of the verb.
Tengo = I have, No tengo = I do not have.

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