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Spanish Verb Estar and Hay
Can you get 10 out of 10?
There is a new restaurant that is very near here.
1.) un restaurante nuevo que muy cerca de aquí.
If you are available this evening, there is a concert in the park.
2.) Si disponsible esta tarde, un concierto en el parque.
You have to be crazy to buy that painting.
3.) que loco para comprar ese cuadro.
Are we all here or is there anyone missing?
4.) ¿ todos aquí o alguien que falta?
This week we are happy because although there is a lot of work, everything is under control.
5.) Esta semana contentos porque aunque mucho trabajo todo está bajo control.
There are no tomatoes here, are you sure that they are not in the fridge?
6.) Aquí no tomates, ¿ seguro de que no están en el frigorífico?
There is nothing of what I am looking for in this shop.
7.) No nada de lo que estoy buscando en esta tienda.
Your parents are inside as there are many people here.
8.) Vuestros padres ahí dentro porque aquí mucha gente.
There are no new models and these ones are a bit old.
9.) No modelos nuevos y éstos un poco viejos.
You are still undressed and we have to be in the square in five minutes.
10.) Todavía sin vestir y que estar en la plaza dentro de cinco minutos.

Estar and Hay

For some general uses, please refer to Estar and Haber

The following test will be a combination of both "estar" and "haber".

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