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Spanish Verb Querer
Can you get 10 out of 10?
I don’t want to eat now
1.) Ahora comer.
Do you want an orange juice?
2.) ¿ un zumo de naranja?
We all want to finish early today.
3.) Todos terminar temprano hoy.
The children want new bicycles.
4.) Los niños unas bicicletas nuevas.
María loves Juan a lot.
5.) María mucho a Juan.
Do you all want to go to the park?
6.) ¿ ir al parque?
What do you want for dessert?
7.) ¿Qué de postre?
I don't want to go to bed yet, it is early.
8.) irme a la cama todavía, es temprano.
The children want to go to the beach on holidays.
9.) Los niños ir de vacaciones a la playa.
Explain to me how do you want it.
10.) Explícame cómo lo

Querer = to want

We use “querer” to express we desire or require something.
Quiero un cuaderno nuevo. (I want a new exercise book).

To say what we want in a shop, restaurant, etc.
Quiero un kilo de patatas, por favor. (I want = can I have a kilo of potatoes, please?).
Yo quiero un botellín de agua, por favor. (I want = for me a bottle of water, please).

To express our love for someone.
Te quiero. (I love you).

To form the negative of all Spanish verbs, you simply place the word "no" in front of the verb.
Tengo = I have, No tengo = I do not have.
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