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Spanish Verb Saber
Can you get 10 out of 10?
I don't know the answer.
1.) la respuesta.
So you know what I mean?
2.) ¿ lo que quiero decir?
I think Pilar knows French.
3.) Creo que Pilar Francés.
We do not know anything about it.
4.) Nosostros no nada de eso.
Do you kow how fog is formed?
5.) ¿ cómo se produce la niebla?
I want to know (speak) Chinese.
6.) Quiero Chino.
The children already know how to multiply.
7.) Los niños ya multiplicar.
All my friends know how to play a musical instrument.
8.) Todos mis amigos tocar un instrumento musical.
Do you know what time Mary comes back?
9.) ¿ a qué hora vuelve María?
When I am older I want to know (how to speak) many languages.
10.) De mayor quiero muchos idiomas.

Saber = to know

We use “saber” when we know something.
Sabemos bastante de física. (We know quite a bit about Physics).
No sé chino. (I do not speak /know Chinese).

We use "saber" When talking about abilities.
No sé tocar el piano. (I cannot play the piano).
Todos estos niños saben nadar (All these children can swim).

To form the negative of all Spanish verbs, you simply place the word "no" in front of the verb.
Tengo = I have, No tengo = I do not have.

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