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Spanish Verb Saber and Conocer
Can you get 10 out of 10?
Do you know where I can find your cousin?
1.) ¿ dónde puedo encontrar a tu prima?
I still don't know your sister and I know she works in the same company as me.
2.) Todovía no a tu hermana y que trabaja en mi misma empresa.
I don't know what film you are talking about, I don't know that director.
3.) No de que película me hablas, no ese director.
My friend's know a lot about animals.
4.) Mis amigos mucho de animales.
I don't know anyone from your class, but I know that they are all from the same village.
5.) No a nadie de tu clase pero que todos son del mismo pueblo.
Do you know that all the neighbors we know are engineers?
6.) ¿ que todos los vecinos que son ingenieros?
They all know the answer but you. Don't you know that you have to study before an exam?
7.) Todos la respuesta menos tú. ¿No que tienes que estudiar antes de un examen?
We still don’t know where to go on holidays, do you know of a good place you can recommend to us?
8.) todovía no dónde ir de vaciones, ¿ un buen sitio que nos puedas recomendar?
Do you know the result yet?
9.) ¿ el resultado ya?
I already know how to change the configuration of my computer thanks to that teacher you know
10.) Ya cómo cambiar la configuración de mi ordenador gracias a ese profesor que tú .

Saber and Conocer

For some general uses, please refer to Saber and Conocer

The following test will be a combination of both "saber" and "conocer".

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